Postal votes and Pandemics: The Who, What and Why of the US Election

Tuesday 3rd November is a big day. Not only is it the rumoured start date of Professional Masterchef (which Marcus, Monica, Greg and co are keeping infuriatingly tight lipped about). It is also the 59th Presidential Election. In one corner we have Mr. Joe Biden. Former VP and right hand man to Obama. Some call him…

5 Ways to Enjoy Autumn in the Time of Corona

Autumn is a good time. Yes, the days get shorter, darker and colder. But the leaves are crisper, the pubs cosier, the wine redder and the jumpers thicker. The winter coats and the wooly hats make their long awaited appearance. Picnics are replaced with roasts. Pumpkin spiced lattes and hot chocolates make their grand entrance….